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You don’t have to work at a creative agency to know that B2B marketing videos are one of the most powerful tactics today. With the average person likely to spend roughly 100 minutes watching videos online every day,1 video has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” seemingly overnight.

But it isn’t the watch-time that makes B2B marketing videos so valuable; it’s the results, like:  

For most creative agencies, the question isn’t whether you should be creating B2B video content for your clients’ acquisition strategy — because with stats like these, of course you should be. Instead, the question is what types of videos you should create for your agency clients. So, let’s break it down.

14 Marketing Video Ideas to Start Implementing Now

Here are 14 proven marketing video ideas to try with your clients.

1. Social Media Videos

Jump on TikTok trends or share behind-the-scenes moments from your organization’s day-to-day with Instagram stories. Social media videos are some of the easiest ways to land top-funnel leads quickly for your clients. Just remember that people go on social media to be social, so overly promotional videos don’t perform well. Instead, use social media videos to bolster connections and boost your client’s brand awareness.

2. Commercials

screenshot of commercial video showing a business professional
Chances are if you’re in the B2B space, you’ve seen a commercial like this on YouTube

You can’t talk about B2B marketing videos without mentioning commercials — the most popular type of video marketing out there. These videos are generally 30 seconds to 1 minute long and are created for television, YouTube, or other streaming services. Commercials are high-budget and require a lot of creative input because they’re meant to appeal to a broad audience quickly and effectively. When done effectively (with a large enough budget), commercials can be incredibly successful at bringing in new leads. If your digital agency has the production power to craft tasteful commercials for your clients, it’s one marketing video production that can drive big results.

3. Educational & Instructional Videos (aka How-To Videos)

Educational videos help teach prospects something they need to know about your client’s products, services, or industry. These videos help establish your clients as industry experts while giving prospects need-to-know information about their product or brand. Educational videos can offer step-by-step instructions, insider tips, or informative content on a specific industry topic. In the end, the viewer should leave knowing more about your client’s industry or product than they did before they watched the video.

4. Demo Videos

screenshot of product demo video’s demo video provides an easy-to-follow product overview

Take your client’s prospects on a detailed tour and demonstration. These B2B marketing videos work well for software and technology companies whose products need some exploration to understand their value. Demo videos can be simple screen shares of software in action with a voiceover, eliminating the need for a high-dollar marketing video production budget. 

5. Product Videos

If your client has a physical product that requires you to “see it to understand it,” product videos are the way to go. From a pool vacuum to an at-home fitness product, sometimes seeing is believing. A simple marketing video production showing a customer interacting with the product or a product manager showing it in action will help bring the item to life for prospective customers. 

6. Explainer Videos

screenshot of Legacy One Law Firm explainer video
Explainer videos are often animated and tell a story, like this one from Legacy One Law Firm

Explainer videos are similar to many of the video types we already mentioned. But they have a distinct purpose: to convince people why they need your client’s solution (i.e., how it will solve their problem). Typically, they walk an audience through why they need your client’s offering and why your client is the best choice. These videos are often presented as a narrative to illustrate how a product or service can improve people’s lives.

7. Brand Vision Videos

People are loyal to brands because of how they make them feel and what they represent or what they stand for. That’s why brand vision videos are so powerful. These videos present an opportunity to give insight into the company’s ethos, beginnings, and goals. Brand vision videos aim to win over prospects by helping them feel inspired to join and be a part of the movement.

8. Testimonial Videos

screenshot of LeadLander testimonial b2b marketing video for customer Fractal Enterprise
Share social proof in a testimonial video where prospects can hear straight from other customers

Letting customers speak for themselves is one of the best ways to warm up leads and move them to act. Whether you transfer online reviews to video format or produce an in-depth case study video for your agency clients, having a B2B marketing video that shows the direct benefit and experience of working with your client is a compelling way to push prospects down the sales funnel and drive results.

9. Event Coverage Videos

Events are a terrific opportunity for marketing video production. Whether you create a highlight reel of the event or share interesting interviews, demonstrations, or presentations from the event, don’t miss the opportunity to pull out the camera and hit record at your client’s upcoming events — like tradeshows or seminars.

10. Expert Insight Videos

If your client’s company has a charismatic CEO, a brilliant developer, or some other team member with a lot of knowledge and insight, expert videos could be a great way to go. Simply set up an interview highlighting their expertise and record it to share. These videos help build authority in the industry and can work particularly well for B2B video marketing.

11. Live Videos

Screenshot of live event video from HubSpot's INBOUND event
Whether your client is as big as HubSpot or not, live streaming B2B events is a great way to engage leads

Live streams skyrocketed to popularity during COVID. These types of B2B marketing videos don’t require too much setup, but they allow potential prospects or existing customers to get an insider look at a company. Generally, live events are focused on a particular topic or interviewee, but they’re meant to garner engagement, create a sense of community, and generate more leads. Webinars are probably the most well-known type of live videos in the business world, but the options for live streams are limited only by your imagination.

12. High-Tech Videos: AR, VR, and 360° Videos

If it’s within budget or makes sense for your client’s target demographic, high-tech videos like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or 360-degree videos could be worth the investment. They’re an excellent way for innovative or tech-forward companies to present something outside the box and stand out in a world where videos are everywhere.

13. Animated Videos

Animated videos are a great alternative if you don’t have anyone comfortable being in front of the camera. Animated videos can be created for almost any of the listed video types (i.e., animated explainer videos, animated testimonial videos, animated brand vision videos, and more). With many online tools available to create video animations, this type of marketing video production is more accessible and requires less resources than in the past.

14. Personalized Videos

screenshot of example personalized sales video from Loom
Personalized videos made with tools like Loom can have a huge impact

Personalized videos are an excellent way to warm up an existing lead. They’re also incredibly effective for account-based marketing or smoothing out the sales process. Personalized videos can be as simple as replying to an email with a video message instead of text or as complex as a customized video created to target a particular client’s pain points. The most important aspect is to personalize the video in a way that makes the viewer feel valued.

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