In today’s day and age, it is all about data. Data driven sales. LeadLander has become a great data point for us. It is also something we use on a daily basis.

With LeadLander, we can see exactly who was on our website and it is actionable data for our sales people.

— Jeremy Linehan, President, Profit Recovery Partners

Profit Recovery Partners

With LeadLander we can see exactly who was on our website the day before and it’s actionable data for our sales people.

— Jerry McGee, Managing Partner, Framework Capital

Framework Capital

“LeadLander has completely changed the way we understand and leverage our visitor data. It’s enabled clarity of traffic that we can’t get with other tools and now we are able to scale. Prospect identification, targeted lead nurturing, understanding a customer’s level of interest before walking into the first meeting based on web traffic, and knowing when to send specific and targeted communication to our point of contact is all enabled through LeadLander.”

— John Byron Hanby IV, Founder, Fractal Enterprises

Fractal Enterprises

“LeadLander is an indispensable tool for our sales team. We use it every single day to help quickly identify those prospects that are in ‘buying mode’.”

— Jeff Lear, Vice President of Sales, Greenmile

“By showing us the company’s that visit our website LeadLander has helped us improve the targeting of our marketing initiatives and our sales’ staff’s ability to identify prospects.”

— Steve Flaig, VP Marketing, Compass Datacenters

“There is a massive blind spot for marketing and sales teams everywhere as it relates to website visitors and actionable information. With LeadLander, our sales team is enabled with a very powerful prospecting tool, allowing them to see as well as understand the types of companies that visit our website. These are companies raising their hand to the fact they are somewhere in the buying cycle. No other solution provides that level of insight.”

— Tiffany Aasted, VP Marketing, Field Squared

“I work in Business Development and I really like LeadLander. I appreciate the daily digest email that is sent to me. This is the first email I read in the morning and I organize my prospecting efforts around the detail in the report and the LeadLander dashboard. Here, I can see which pages a prospect has viewed and I can personalize my outreach accordingly. This tool has helped me connect with some opportunities I would not have known about otherwise. Essentially, LeadLander helps me be at the right place at the right time for casual browsers who do not fill out an online request form.”

— Jason Hall, Business Development Manager, Guidance

“LeadLander continually fills our sales funnel and allows our account manager to stay focused on our highest valued leads.”

— Carol Mercer, Sales and Marketing, Aspen Systems

“What we find of most value is the link between hits on our website and conversations that we are having with prospects which the sales team finds particularly useful.

LeadLander continually fills our sales funnel and allows our account managers to stay focused on our highest valued leads. The LeadLander Account Management team are extremely helpful.”

— Liza Rogers-Nolte, Head of Inside Sales and Marketing, inQuba

“We use LeadLander to track prospect & customer activity on our websites to help identify product interest. LeadLander is an integral part of our consulting strategy to help clients better understand their prospects and customers’ interests.”

— Jim Nowakowski, President, Interline Creative Group

“LeadLander has been a really effective tool for both marketing and sales to understand who is coming to our website, and what news and press is driving traffic. The automated alerts you can set up for key clients or specific pages make using the tool proactive and easy. Their training and support team is also really responsive and helpful!”

— Rita Romero, Director, Product Marketing, PlaceIQ

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