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Illustration of the LeadLander Dashboard. Identify the visitors to your website and get better insight on how to close the deal.

Intuitive Dashboard

Better decision making is possible with LeadLander’s intuitive dashboard design. With information readily available at your fingertips including recent visiting companies and in some cases, recent individual visitors, you have a snapshot overview of who’s visiting your website.
With a powerful, intuitive dashboard you can make better decisions about how to talk to your online visitors.

Detailed Website Visitor Information
in Real Time

LeadLander provides specific details about each visitor on your website, their journey through your website pages, as well as company details including website, address and phone number. This powerful information arms sales, business development, and marketing teams with the strategic insight to focus on their prospecting and lead follow up initiatives to maximize sales opportunities.
Get Detailed website visitor information in teal time.

Identify Your
Highest Valued
Website Pages

With LeadLander, you are able to identify the pages most viewed by your website visitors to validate the success of your inbound and outbound marketing automation efforts.
Discover your most valueble pages to validate the success of your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Instant, Daily,
and Weekly
Email Notifications

From instant email alerts when tagged companies visit your website to daily summaries of website visitors and weekly summary reports, receive real-time email notifications containing valuable information without ever logging into the system.
Daily and weekly email reports are availible, making reporting the activity on your website seemless and less time consuming.

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The Benefits of LeadLander

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    The easiest tool to identify your anonymous website visitors

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    The best prospecting data for both sales and marketing teams

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    The most phenomenal service and support

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