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Finding and connecting with potential customers without sales prospecting tools is a lot like trying to do complex math without a calculator. It’s possible, but it takes way more energy, time, and effort to do everything manually.

That’s why having prospecting tools is a critical part of a successful sales strategy. Prospecting tools for sales make prospecting easier and help ensure your company stays competitive with other companies in your industry.

Sales prospecting tools save time, help uncover high-quality leads, and improve customer service. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of sales tools for prospecting on the market. In fact, the number of B2B prospecting tools out there can be a little dizzying.

So, how do you know which sales prospecting tools are right for your company? In this guide, we’ll share our comprehensive list of the best tools for prospecting on the market so you know exactly what you need to elevate your sales prospecting efforts.

45 Best Prospecting Tools for B2B Sales

There are several different types of prospecting tools available. Some focus on building your prospecting lists, while others are designed to engage with prospects. For the best results, consider adding a few different types of prospecting tools to your toolbox. Here are 45 of the best prospecting tools to consider:

  1. LeadLander website visitor identification software
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator a prospecting tool for LinkedIn
  3. LeadFuze a lead aggregation tool
  4. Lusha a B2B prospecting database
  5. automates the cold calling process
  6. Hunter – finds all the email addresses associated with a web domain
  7. Datanyze – a Chrome extension that provides contact information from LinkedIn 
  8. Vidyard – personalized video creation platform
  9. Demodesk – schedule and host meetings with prospects
  10. Overloop – build lists and engage with prospects on this all-in-one platform.
  11. FindThatLead a B2B database and Chrome extension for building lists and automating email and social media prospecting
  12. Owler – follow, track, and get detailed alerts about your prospects
  13. MatterMark a data platform built for venture capitalists
  14. FollowerWonk – a tool for prospecting on Twitter
  15. Clutch a business review platform
  16. AngelList – a database of investors and startup companies
  17. ZoomInfo – a B2B database
  18. Calendly – an automatic scheduling tool to simplify the scheduling process
  19. ClaraLabs – a virtual meeting scheduler that prioritizes your preferences
  20. Doodle – an automatic scheduling tool that lets all meeting attendees have a say in what time they’d like to meet
  21. RingCentral – a VOIP phone system with all the must-have features
  22. Voila Norbert – automatically find a prospect’s company email address
  23. CrystalKnows – analyzes public data to create detailed personality profiles for your prospects
  24. Mentionmonitor and track your prospects’ online activity and brand
  25. BuiltWith – provides detailed information about which software and tools your prospects use
  26. Vainu – a B2B database with extensive filters, in-depth research, and automation
  27. MailTestera solution to help verify your emails and protect your ISP
  28. Yesware – an email prospecting tool that allows users to reach out, schedule meetings, and follow up right from their email
  29. – a CRM full of cold-calling tools
  30. PandaDoc – an eSignature tool that eliminates the administrative tasks and paperwork of prospecting and closing deals
  31. Ambition – gamifies the sales prospecting process to keep the team engaged
  32. Quora – a question-and-answer database that allows businesses to create inbound lead opportunities and search through topics to find leads
  33. Skrapp – find email addresses associated with LinkedIn accounts
  34. Salesforce – the world’s most popular CRM for streamlining the prospecting process
  35. Sendoso – track the ROI of gifts you send for prospecting
  36. Product Hunt – a directory of new products and businesses to find new leads
  37. Bombora – identifies what services and products businesses are researching
  38. Aberdeen – this platform helps identify and engage prospects at the right time
  39. Boomerang – a Gmail extension that allows you to schedule emails for the future and keep things organized
  40. Yet Another Mail Merge – a tool for mass emailing prospects
  41. Rebump – an automatic email follow-up tool  
  42. GlobalMeet – a video conferencing tool that doesn’t require a download
  43. Bloobirds – a sales engagement platform to make prospecting more enjoyable
  44. Dialpad – an all-in-one sales prospecting platform for calls, meetings, engagement, and outreach
  45. Outreach – automates and simplifies the entire sales process.

The Top 10 Must-Have Sales Tools For Prospecting

So you’ve seen the long list. But we wouldn’t leave you hanging. These ten tools should be the first you implement when building your sales prospecting toolbox:

1. LeadLander

Screenshot of LeadLander website homepage

Trusted by thousands of the world’s top companies, this prospecting sales tool helps identify your online website visitors and their behavior. With detailed website visitor information delivered in real time, your sales team gets access to powerful information about who’s visiting your page, what they’re interested in, which pages are performing best, and more.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Screenshot of LinkedIn Sales Navigator home page

With advanced search filters and access to more detailed information, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator allows users to take advantage of the largest professional social network for prospecting and outreach.

3. LeadFuze

An automated lead aggregation tool, LeadFuze is one of the best resources for creating cold prospecting lists. You choose the parameters and qualifications, and LeadFuze generates a list of leads that fit the bill.

4. Lusha

Screenshot of Lusha home page

Lusha is a B2B prospecting database that helps companies find businesses and contacts within their target industry. With data verification, Lusha is known for providing accurate B2B prospecting data to help create targeted lead lists.

5. allows your sales team to automate tiresome cold calling processes with features like dialing straight from your CRM, leaving pre-recorded voicemails, call queuing and more — making cold call prospecting much easier.

6. Hunter

Screenshot of Hunter home page

Find all the email addresses associated with your target company’s website. Hunter provides a list of people working at the company and their emails, making it easy for you to find the contact info for your target accounts.

7. Datanyze

Screenshot of the Datanyze home page

Datanyze is a Chrome extension that provides contact information from LinkedIn profiles. In addition, it offers relevant icebreakers to use with your prospects curated from local news and social media profiles.

8. Vidyard

Screenshot of Vidyard home page

Vidyard elevates the prospecting process by allowing sales teams to create personal prospecting and proposal videos easily. With pre-made templates and tools like screen recording, this software is a must-have for sales teams who want to stand out in the remote work era.

9. DemoDesk

Screenshot of DemoDesk home page

Schedule and host meetings with ease with DemoDesk. Share demos and screen shares without having to share your desktop, and automate the scheduling process. Plus, guide your sales team with interactive pitches and gain visibility into the prospecting process.

10. Overloop

Screenshot of Overloop home page

Overloop is a sales prospecting platform that builds prospect lists from LinkedIn. It also enables multi-channel campaigns to engage with prospects, pipelines, and reporting to give your sales team all the data they need to supercharge their prospecting activities.

Simplify Prospecting with the Top B2B Prospecting Tools

Sales prospecting tools simplify prospecting by automating processes, streamlining engagement, and providing hard-to-get insight. So while you might be able to operate without them, they sure make your life easier.

Here at LeadLander, we simplify targeted sales prospecting with website tracking data and audience identification, making it a breeze to identify which companies and prospects are already browsing what you have to offer.

Try LeadLander free for 14 days.


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