Digital content marketing has grown into a significant business. The amount spent on this sector has steadily climbed in recent years and promises to continue rising. The latest projections show that content marketing spending will eclipse $300 billion very soon. This signifies a shift in the way that companies are marketing their products and finding new clients. If you haven’t already, it’s time to hop on the digital marketing train or risk getting left behind.

One of the best ways to get started is to optimize your website for B2B lead generation. Using a reverse DNS lookup tool is the perfect way to begin. Doing so could significantly improve the value of your website as a marketing tool.

But understanding what a reverse DNS is, why you might want to look one up, and how to go about doing so can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve created the following guide. It includes everything you need to know about using a reverse DNS lookup tool to generate more leads. We’ll also tell you how this tool can help you convert more of the leads it develops. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Reverse DNS?

First thing’s first, let’s define some key terms. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Think of it as a kind of address list for devices connected to the internet. Every computer has its address in this list, which is called its IP address.

If you have someone’s IP address or their DNS, there are a variety of use-cases. But the main thing to focus on is that a reverse DNS lookup is the process of using someone’s IP address to return their hostname.

What Does A Reverse DNS Lookup Tool Do?

A reverse DNS lookup tool is what makes it possible to track someone’s IP address back to their hostname. This is sometimes used in place of a standard IP trace because it’s much easier to identify and work with a domain name than to work with a string of numbers.

The tool itself is straightforward. Using one is as easy as plugging an IP address into a field and clicking “submit.” When you do, you’ll automatically receive that user’s hostname, which you can use to learn about users and their behavior.

Reverse DNS is often used for analytics purposes.

What Are Reverse DNS Lookup Tools Used For?

These tools are often used on email servers. Servers use reverse DNS (or rDNS) to block incoming spam messages. If an IP address doesn’t have a DNS in place, then the server can automatically block the message as spam.

rDNS is also commonly used for analytics purposes. It generates data that can easily be read and understood by humans. That makes rDNS preferable to IP address lookups in many cases since IP addresses are just long strings of numbers that mean little without further information.

Can You Use A Reverse DNS Lookup Tool For B2B Lead Generation?

Absolutely. One of the main use cases for reverse DNS lookup tools is for lead generation. The data provided by this process can be a valuable way of identifying new prospects – prospects your company could be able to convert into paying customers.

The process works a bit like this: When someone visits your website, their IP address is captured and leaves a record of who they are and how they interacted with your site. For example, companies can use someone’s IP address to see which pages they visited and how long they stayed on each one.

A reverse DNS lookup tool will turn that IP address into a hostname that can be easily tied to a specific company. So this tool essentially translates data that’s tough to understand by itself into a more meaningful and actionable form.

Can My Existing Web Analytics Tool Perform A Reverse DNS Lookup?

Most modern businesses already have a web analytics tool that’s capable of performing reverse DNS lookups. But many of these provide minimal value because the data they generate can be difficult to sift through.

The problem is that the reports generated by most reverse DNS lookup tools are filled with irrelevant data pulled from broadband and mobile phone visitors. This data means little to your sales efforts, yet it can be extremely challenging to zero in on the rDNS data that matters to your company.

A solution to this problem is to start using a web analytics tool specifically targeted to make reverse DNS lookups more effective. Leadlander is a great example of this.

Our tool automatically generates rDNS reports that are worth your attention. We sift through the unhelpful information for you so that you’re left with a sheet full of potential leads for your sales staff. It enables you to benefit from the power of rDNS without having to create special filtering tools on your own.

Know why your business should be leveraging a reverse DNS lookup tool.

The Bottom Line: Why You Should Care

Using a reverse DNS lookup tool can have a significant impact on your company. Here are three of the most important reasons why your business should be using one.

Generate new leads for your sales staff

The best reason to use a reverse DNS lookup tool is to take advantage of an untapped source of covetable leads. If someone is visiting your website, it means that they’re already interested in your company and the products it’s selling.

Reverse DNS tools empower your sales staff to take full advantage of this. They’ll be able to start targeting the companies that are the most likely to turn into paying customers.

Optimize your staff’s prospect pitches

Reverse DNS tools don’t just tell you who’s visiting your website; they also tell you when they’re visiting your site and what pages are viewed. All of this information can be leveraged by your sales staff to create pitches that target the unique goals of the prospect they’re reaching out to.

For example, a reverse DNS might tell you that a company has visited one of your product pages multiple times. With this information, your sales staff can create a pitch highlighting the product’s benefits as they apply to the company in question.

Similarly, this tool can show your sales staff when the best time to reach out to a new prospect is. That’s because it will provide them with a report that shows the timeframe in which a company has visited your website. They can use that to follow up with the prospect immediately after they’ve check out your site, precisely when they’re most interested and engaged with your company’s offerings.

Enhance your website

You can even use a reverse DNS lookup tool to turn your website into a more effective sales tool. With the information provided by the tool, you can assess which pages of your site are getting the most traffic and which pages are the most effective at accomplishing set goals.

With that information, you can determine whether various components of your website are effective or not. For example, you might notice that one of the pages consistently sees low traffic or that the CTA you’ve placed isn’t performing as well as it should. Then compare to other parts of your website that are hitting your KPIs and make adjustments as needed.

LeadLander Can Help

Reverse DNS lookups provide a simple way to enhance your company’s B2B lead generation process. But not just any rDNS tool will do. To get the most out of one, you need a tool that simplifies the data generated into easily digestible chunks of actionable information.

This is where LeadLander can come in for your company. Our sophisticated web analytics tool makes it incredibly easy to track who visits your website and what they do while they’re on it. It generates simple reports highlighting what you need to know while omitting any useless information in the process.

The effect is a do-it-all platform that’s easy enough for everyone in your organization to use to suit their purposes. With LeadLander, you can turn your website into a powerful digital marketing tool that will help you keep pace with the ever-shifting business landscape.

We’re making it super easy to get started, too. Just visit our website and sign up for a free 14-day trial whenever you’re ready to begin. No credit card is required and you can cancel anytime you want.

So why wait? Give LeadLander a chance today. It could be just what you need to optimize your company’s digital marketing strategy and improve its B2B lead generation process.


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