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Sales is a constantly evolving line of work. The strategies you used to close a deal yesterday may no longer work tomorrow. And sometimes, new ideas come along that change the game completely. That’s exactly what many expect will happen when AI selling tools become more widespread.

We put together this article to tell you everything you need to know about the future AI selling solutions. Keep reading to learn what it means for your sales consultants and how it will impact your consultative selling process moving forward.

What is the AI selling solutions future?

This term describes an envisioned future in which sales consultants use artificial intelligence tools to enhance their sales process. 

The idea is that salespeople can become more efficient and effective by supplementing their existing playbooks with in-depth insights that are only achievable through AI technology.

When is this coming?

Depending on who you ask, many will say that the AI selling solutions future is already here. Many B2B and B2C companies are already using AI tools to get more out of their sales cycles.

But most analysts say that AI selling solutions aren’t as widely embraced now as they will be. According to the research firm Gartner, 75% of B2B sales organizations will augment their traditional sales playbooks with AI-guided selling solutions by 2025.

Whether or not you believe the AI selling solutions future is here, it’s undeniable that it will be a factor in daily processes.

Prepare your sales team for the future of AI selling solutions.

How AI selling tools make consultative selling more efficient

Before we cover how to prepare for this future, it’s essential to explain why it’s one worth embracing. Here are six reasons why analysts expect AI selling tools will become more commonplace in the next few years.

Data will dictate strategy instead of intuition

Traditionally, salespeople have relied on their intuition to close deals. They get to know a prospect and then use some undefinable combination of experience and general sales knowledge to decide on an approach – which either works or doesn’t.

This process will become even more refined when AI becomes more commonplace in sales. Instead of intuition and hope, salespeople will be able to use data to ensure that they’re using the optimal approach for every prospect they interact with.

Content recommendations will become more precise

AI also helps sales teams learn more about what their audience cares about. It can give you deeper insights into the type of content that a specific lead might be interested in seeing. You can leverage that to serve more targeted content recommendations, which should help you build stronger relationships with new prospects faster.

More leads will enter sales pipelines

According to research by McKinsey, sales organizations that have adopted AI selling tools see about a 50% increase in the number of leads they get. So if you’re looking to get more prospects into your pipeline, then adopting AI technology could be your best bet.

Costs will decrease

You’ll be able to decrease costs by using AI sales technology to automate lower-level sales activities. That way, you do not have to pay for tasks requiring much expertise.

Forecasts will become more accurate

AI tools help you get more accurate data and interpret it more effectively. And that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to create accurate forecasts. So you can also look forward to AI selling tools giving you a more complete and detailed look at what’s coming next for your organization.

Prioritization will be easier

Being a good salesperson is knowing which leads you should focus on first and spend the most time with. AI tools should make this easier to do by giving salespeople more in-depth information they can use to make these decisions.

Preparing your team for the AI selling future

Now let’ dive into thinking about what you can do to get your team ready for it. Some tips:

Audit your current analytics tools

First, take a look at the current analytics tools you’re using. Do they have any AI capabilities that you’re not taking full advantage of? If so, now is an excellent time to utilize these features so you can outpace the competition once it’s widely adopted.

If your current analytics tools don’t have any integrated AI capabilities, you may need to think long and hard about whether they’re the best investment for your company moving forward.

If you find that your current tools aren’t future-ready, now is an excellent time to look for alternatives. Getting your team comfortable using AI selling solutions now will prepare your company to thrive when these tools become more widespread.

Retool training for your sales consultants

Likely, you’ll also need to spend time retraining your sales consultants. Most salespeople don’t have a lot of experience using AI in the selling process. And some may need some data literacy training to take full advantage of this technology.

So it’s a smart move to take some time to assess how prepared your team currently is for a future in which AI selling tools are incredibly commonplace. Identify any knowledge gaps that may prevent your team from excelling, and then institute training to fill those gaps.

Get your playbooks ready now

Even if you get the best AI selling tools in the world for your organization, you still need to integrate them into your playbook effectively. You might as well figure out how you’re going to do that now so that when you get the technology in place, you can immediately take advantage of it.

The first step is determining where you can benefit from using AI in your sales process. For example, you could use it to generate more leads, push prospects into the early stages of your sales cycle, or figure out the right message for converting them.

The chances are high that you can benefit from using AI in several distinct phases of your sales cycle. So don’t sell yourself short by only adding it to one part of your playbook.

Here’s how you can use LeadLander to bolster your AI selling solutions strategy.

LeadLander makes it easier to prepare your sales consultants for the AI selling future

Data is the key to unlocking the full potential of AI sales tools. If you can feed your AI tools the right kinds of data, then they can become a potent tool in your arsenal to help you make faster progress towards your goals. 

LeadLander can help you generate the data you need to unlock the full power of AI selling solutions. Our website visitor tracking software gives you a wealth of information about who’s visiting your website, their engagement, and where they’re coming from.

If you feed this data through an AI tool, you can optimize your sales cycle, redefine how you approach new leads, and, ultimately, increase the number of sales you achieve.

But we don’t just expect you to take our word for it. Instead, try a risk-free 14-day trial of LeadLander today so that you can see the value for yourself.

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