Running a digital agency is hard…and it’s not getting any easier. Competition is fierce and despite the fact that almost half of all businesses still aren’t online, a lot of those businesses aren’t even considering a website. They are behaving as if a Facebook page or no digital presence at all is just fine. They see that they’ve made it this far without a digital strategy so why invest in changing that now? All of this has an effect on digital professionals as well. Instead of being flush with new opportunities and projects, many web designers and developers struggle to generate enough revenue to cover their bills. We understand.

Which is exactly why you should be offering ongoing services to your clients.

For those that are unaware, ongoing services are exactly that: things that you do on behalf of your clients on a regular and repeatable schedule. Here are the advantages to offering ongoing services to your clients.

Advantages to offering ongoing services

  • Recurring revenue – You got into this business to help clients and make some money, right? Well then let’s get right down to brass tacks. Adding ongoing services means opening new revenue streams, revenue streams that can provide predictable cash flow and security for you and your employees.
  • Increased ‘stickiness’ – The more engagement you have with your clients, the greater the chance that they will actually remain your clients. Think about it: if all you offer is to build a website and move on, then your client has no reason to maintain a relationship with you over time. By adding ongoing services to your portfolio, you can insure that the work you did early on continues to pay dividends over time.
  • Uncovering new opportunities – One oft-overlooked advantage to offering ongoing services is that doing so uncovers even more opportunities. Imagine a client that takes you up on your offer to help with search engine optimization then realizes they don’t have a regularly updated blog. Or a client that wants to have you update their social media accounts but doesn’t have design resources for Instagram. Offering ongoing services means finding more – and more meaningful – ways to work with your existing and future clients.
  • Increased client happiness – None of this matters in the end if your clients are unhappy. But the good news about offering ongoing services is that you are helping them reach their business goals as well as your own. And in doing so you’re likely to find that your clients are happier and more satisfied in their decision to work with you.

Ongoing services are an absolute boon for web professionals and digital agencies. Ongoing services generate revenue that should far outpace the costs of delivering the service and supporting it. By offering things like site maintenance, lead generation, or marketing services you can thrill your clients, make sure they stay as clients, and generate the revenue that project work and consulting is missing. By blending both, you’ll be giving your business a surefire growth strategy. To learn more about how Upland LeadLander can help increase revenue and increase client satisfaction, contact us here.

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