• How do I get started?

      Start your FREE 14-DAY TRIAL TODAY by simply completing the trial form here.

    • How easy is it to activate the trial?

      Activating the trial is a super easy process. As soon as you register for a free trial, we will send out activation instructions along with LeadLander’s tracking code. Adding the code to your website is a simple copy & paste procedure that should take less than a minute to set up. If you need any additional assistance please feel free to reach out to us at support@leadlander.com.

    • How do I get pricing?

      To get a price quote, we need your name, work email, and website domain. You can submit the pricing request form here. Or feel free to send an email to sales@leadlander.com

    • LeadLander and GDPR and CCPA

      LeadLander is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. At the core of GDPR and CCPA are a few key initiatives that every website should be aware of to be compliant:

      • The right of EU &/or Californians to know what personal information is being collected about them
      • The right to know whether their personal information is sold or disclosed & to whom
      • The right to request that their personal information is not sold
      • The right to access their personal information that has been collected
      • The right to opt out and have their data removed
      • Please contact privacy@leadlander.com with any questions or to discuss your website
    • Can LeadLander track by email address?

      LeadLander can identify visitors by email address through web form &/or email campaign integrations. For detailed instructions, please email support@leadlander.com and be sure to include what type of forms and what email system you are using.

    • Do you have a Datasheet?

      LeadLander is a website visitor analytics and reporting solution that provides specific details about each person visiting your site, including their trail throughout your site, company details including website, address and phone number. What makes LeadLander special is that it can be deployed in a matter of minutes and it converts website visits into actionable sales leads by enhancing sales prospecting and lead follow-up. Customers use LeadLander to accelerate sales outbounding and reduce time to revenue.

      Download the LeadLander Datasheet.